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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I become a Certified School Culture Advocate?

Becoming a Certified School Culture Advocate requires a specific sequence of professional development courses to be completed through NSSC Academy. More information can be found in the Certification Requirements document.

Is there a particular order I need to complete the courses?

You can take the Foundations in School Climate and Culture and Climate and Culture Core Competencies in any order, and you are more than willing to take multiple courses at once. You must pass and complete all Foundations and Core Competencies courses before you can enroll in the Capstone Course! 

Do I have to be an educator to become CSCA?

No. Parents, community leaders, business professionals, social workers, youth-serving professionals, and other advocates are highly encouraged to become a Certified School Culture Advocate.

Can I enroll in the Climate and Culture Capstone course without having completed the prerequisites? 

No, the Climate and Culture Capstone: School Culture Advocacy through Educator-Driven Leadership requires that participants have already completed Cultivating Diverse Classrooms: Cultural Competency, Taking Your School’s Temperature: Using Data to Improve School Climate, and three courses which satisfy each of the Climate and Culture Core Competencies. These five courses MUST be completed in order to complete the Climate and Culture Capstone. More information can be found in the Certification Requirements document.

I have completed all of required coursework? How do I get my certification?

The NSSC Registrar will analyze transcripts upon the completion of the Climate and Culture Capstone course. Any questions or concerns may be directed to

What if I have already completed coursework through NSSC Academy which satisfies the CSCA Requirements? Can those credits count toward my certification?

Credits will be retroactively accepted toward CSCA Requirements. See how your previous credit fits into the CSCA Requirements by going to the Course Catalog.

How long does the certification last?

The certification lasts for three years from the date all of the coursework requirements were completed.